Delphi String Tokenizer

glacialfury - September 27th, 2005

Does anyone have / know of a string tokenizer for Delphi? I'd rather not have to write one, as it's not the focus of my assignment, and I'd like to get the project done quickly.

I'm engaged!

glacialfury - July 18th, 2005

Just to let everyone know, I am now officially engaged to a beautiful Bulgarian woman. We hope to be married this October. Although I can't go so far as to plan an official SharpWedding, I'll give a heads up for a more virtual affair when the time comes :-D


glacialfury - July 11th, 2005

Just a theme I hammered out to showcase some of Captain's new icons. I also used his technique of partially transparent desktop images to border icons; but in my case, I used it to mask out most of the border on the Granite clock, to leave a sickle-shaped crescent.

SharpElectric Screenshot (1280x1024)


glacialfury - June 26th, 2005

Hi. I just finished a little app that some of you may find useful. It allows you to launch URLs, apps, or anything you want from a small dropdown box on your desktop.

It will eventually become a SharpBar plugin, but for now it's a standalone app. Try it out and see how you ever lived without it :-)

URLauncher 1.0

More information can be found here.

*Themed* graphics?

glacialfury - June 16th, 2005 that I know what theme everybody wants, I can stop wasting my time with alternative graphics.

I've created a vanilla wallpaper -> simple, but effective. I'll post a screenshot later. It looks better when you actually have some stuff on it ;-)

Also created:
- an avatar: the cube on this is not popular, so scratch one.
- a site promo featuring a truncated [v]ersion sig: too 1998, like the wallpaper. Scratch two.
- a small site promo featuring a raised background with indented text: no more filters or effects. Scratch three!

Also, just a minor issue. "Enhance" your desktop doesn't really cut it. It sounds like you're adding pepper. "Expand" your desktop would have much more impact -
expand your desktop, expand your mind; sharpe - morning, noon, and night.
Just my thought. I realize tradition is there, but 'Enhance' sounds like you're adding eye candy only. 'Expand' highlights added functionality.

Here's a screenshot of the desktop, with the images scattered around it. The avatar/misc graphic is next to the links at the bottom, the small bar is on the right under the clock, and the version thing is at the left near the games. If you don't like it, people, for heaven's sake - say so!

First web graphic finished

glacialfury - June 15th, 2005

Finished the first graphic allowing other sites to link to SharpE graphically. I plan on creating several more; I'd like to see a dark themed one so that sites have more than one option. Here she is :-)






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