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CVS6 Wallpaper

pixol - July 15th, 2005

I have had a couple of days from coding to produce a desktop wallpaper. I have always liked this style of wallpaper and i was interested to see if i could accomplish it. Happy with the final result :)

I will include several variations with my first theme to be included in the CVS distros :)

Font Dialog

pixol - May 31st, 2005

So BB mentioned a Font Dialog, and so here it is. These little additions that may delay development, are needed for us to provide a consistent flow to the configuration. This constant refinement is what allows us to improve SharpE, and in doing so we are sure that CVS6 will be one hell of a release :)

Gah Hotkeys

pixol - May 22nd, 2005

Ok i kind of lied, the hotkeys are not unregistering in some situations, also when the service is stopped i am unable to delete the Dll. Which means in short, that i have not freed something in the code, hence why hotkeys are sometimes still enabled when it is stopped!!! Gah!

Well the functionality is there, now just the hunting for these bugs.

Update 23/5! The Service is now working correctly with some minor issues

Hotkeys Service Revamp

pixol - May 21st, 2005

Hotkeys Service has been improved 1000%... not only is it possible to use literally any key combination, but you can now use all 255 key codes! The system is working so well, it is even possible to override Ctrl+Alt+Del or Alt+Tab

Also not one AV in sight, and the hotkeys actually unregister ;)

PZoom fixes for CVS6

pixol - May 10th, 2005

New PZoom in the works, i have started the transition in cleaning up this ancient plugin and fixing a few problems with the original version.

There are plans to redevelop this into the new skin system, but i will work on fixing the bugs hopefully for the next release.

So much for coding on SharpE this weekend

pixol - May 8th, 2005

Okay i had it planned! Finish work on Friday, not load WoW and do some hardcore style Ldi coding :D Did it happen? Well maybe it did for a couple of hours. But then...

We purchased this wonderfull new site, and hence we have been doing nothing but the "site" the whole weekend. So I only got some scmd coding actually finished, but i think it was worth it in the long while... The site is much better now :)

I guess i am one of the coders holding back the release now, as BB has SharpDesk CVS6 ready and the other developers have their stuff nearly ready too.

I still need to do preliminary docs too! Hmmm... need more time :)




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