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Poll: Do you like the improved site design?



What design?

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glacialfury | 11 May : 12:55
Comments: 6

Registered: 06 Mar : 12:39

The new site is nice - it is clean and mostly well organized. It kept a flaw from the previous version though. The main menu on the left is a confusing list.

It would make it much easier to read, and more aesthetically pleasing, to group related links and add a separator or whitespace between those groups.

There's just so much stuff squished together there that it seems chaotic and disorderly.

I love the rest of the layout.

captain_hériss0n | 11 May : 13:59

Comments: 6

Registered: 23 Dec : 12:03

i think there is not enough contrast so it's a litle bit confusing at first glance, you should darken some fonts (boxes titles) and maybe boxes borders but IMAO

glacialfury | 12 May : 06:06
Comments: 6

Registered: 06 Mar : 12:39

That's a good point. The colors are rather uniform.

pixol | 12 May : 10:05

Comments: 16

Maybe some subtle hints of more blue? Also the most popular sections are at the top of the page. We tried to improve the list on the left, and its okay once you get used to it, but yeah it needs some more improvement i think.. Good comments

captain_hériss0n | 12 May : 12:17

Comments: 6

Registered: 23 Dec : 12:03

>Maybe some subtle hints of more blue?
yep it would be cool

>Also the most popular sections are at the top of the page.
well it's not easily visible, you have to search to see it...so maybe add color to the buttons or just few colored separators.
btw if those buttons are not visible it's because there are at the same level with the logo.

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Billi Berserker
27 May : 11:31
who cares if it's not working good in IE?
I should put up a message
"This website is designed for Mozilla FireFox"

27 May : 10:25
that blog problem is an issue with IE explorer. Firefox shows it fine. Only noticed this today as i was looking at it from work.

27 May : 04:21
bb: there is something wrong with the last post in your blog. Clicking on the other devs names i can see there posts and the menu on the right. With yours it removes the menu on the right. Even when on the SharpE blog link.

26 May : 23:51
patrick gamer. quick fix for azureus bug, which is SharpE related. Create a hotkey to Azureus.exe e.g: WIN + A minimize Az hotkey and it will pop back up.

26 May : 22:03
that azureus bug has been around awhile

26 May : 21:51
quick question:
my sys. tray icon for Azureus doesn't work, (sometimes Steam gives me problems too).

Is this a SharpE thing, or is it just the way the icons were coded?

26 May : 19:29
can't wait for the next release... so excited!

Billi Berserker
26 May : 17:58
so I guess like Sharp + E

@Task stuff,
got a mail from Viper that he is working on improving the internal code on Task and VWM

26 May : 17:50
Also, what's the correct pronunciation of "SharpE" ? Is it "sharpy" or "sharpie" like the marker? Or is it just "sharp" ?

26 May : 17:47
i just want to second the bug that Soul posted to the bugtracker about tasks in sharptray not disappearing after the application is closed out/shut down.

26 May : 06:46
documentation is already in the works. If you check the CVS Changelog you will see that SharpBar, SharpTray docs are pretty much done. Patients. SharpE-xciting

26 May : 06:07
Geeeez .. this thing really needs some documentation

Billi Berserker
26 May : 01:15
I think there is a reg fix for SharpBar...
but nothing more :/

24 May : 23:52
are there transparency/alpha settings anywhere (registry included) for any sharpE components?

24 May : 17:19
all we need now is a new build to play with *ducks and hides*

24 May : 16:10

24 May : 14:55
don't we all

24 May : 11:13
and i love SharpE

24 May : 11:12
hi i i`v upload a screenshot if u is intressning

19 May : 17:01
Yoooooooooo to every1 !!!
(this is the stupidest comment of the story)

i've installed SharpE on my internet point.. now the user can't made any mess with the desktop

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