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Poll: What are you most looking forward to

The new website

Integrated Online Update


Other components as Bar modules, VWM, Task, Tray etc.

The new Bar component

Updated plugins for the new skinned bar

More documentation, including live help updates

Something else, please comment

Finally all of the above :)

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SharpE is a shell replacement for Win2k/XP which is developed in Delphi 6. The goal of the SharpE project is to create a fast, stable and very graphical shell with lots of configuration options. Lowdimension International was founded by Lowspirit and Langor in 1997 and now has over 12 members. The project is opensource and most of the code is available under the LGPL license, at our Sourceforge Project Page.


Shell Definition

SharpE is an alternative user interface for use with any modern Windows operating system (Windows 2K/XP/2K3). It replaces the Windows shell. (A shell is a program that interfaces directly with the user on one side and with underlying operating system functions on the other side.) Like Windows, the SharpE shell lets you create your own personal user environment on the display screen, but offers many more options for creativity and personalization.



SharpE requires a Windows 2k/XP/2003 operating system.

It will not work on Windows9x Operating Systems!


The Environment

SharpE consists of various components that work together in a modular fashion.


Providing an extensible application bar.

  • Dynamic bar applets loaded as plugins - Each applet can be positioned on the dynamic bar
  • Many plugins - Plugins such as Advanced Command line, Cpu and Memory monitoring and much more
  • Plugin sets - Create sets of plugins, that you can switch to on-the-fly from the bar
  • Default Icons - If an object is using an icon in the selected icon set, then these icons will change when the user loads another theme with an alternate icon set.
  • Applet Development Kit - Develop 3rd Party applets for the bar
  • Much more...


Providing core functionality and hosting various services for the environment to use.

  • Dynamic core services loaded as plugins - Services run in the background and control the inner workings of the environment.
  • Standard Services - Services provided include Launching startup programs, providing hotkeys, online update, cursor management and much more.
  • Service Development Kit - Develop 3rd party services for the core of SharpE
  • Service Control - Services can be disabled and enabled as and when you need them
  • Much more...


Providing advanced customisable desktops.

  • Dynamic desktop objects loaded as plugins - Each desktop object is updatable and independant of the main SharpDesk application.
  • SharpE Themes - create SharpE aware desktop themes that load different settings for the whole desktop environment.
  • Realtime wallpaper effects - Assign gradients, lightness, contrast and bitmap effects to wallpaper. These affects are applied realtime and do not affect the original wallpaper.
  • Default Icons - If an object is using an icon in the selected icon set, then these icons will change when the user loads another theme with an alternate icon set.
  • Object Presets - Presets make it is possible to assign the setting of one object to another object of the same type.
  • Desktop Menu - A customisable replacement for the Start Menu
  • Object Development Kit - Develop 3rd party objects for the desktop
  • Much more...


Providing a bespoke dynamic help system.

  • Easy to use viewer - The provided viewer displays help with ease
  • Standard Html format - Docs can be created and modified from within the application
  • Dynamic communication - Component communicates via the SharpApi
  • Updateable via Online Update - Ensure you always have the latest version
  • Much more...


Providing task management.

  • Task Grouping - Groups similar tasks into folders
  • Attach shell folders - Attach shell folders, quicklaunch and others to the bar
  • Integrates with VWM - Display tasks that are only visible on the current VWM window
  • Much more...


Providing system tray management.

  • Hide Icons - Hide commonly used tray icons
  • Analog Clock - Switch between analog or digital clock
  • Scheme Icons - Customise the look of the icons
  • Much more...


Providing virtual window management.

  • Eight Virtual Windows - Define up to eight virtual windows
  • Display tasks - Display and select tasks easily
  • Smart Switching - Drags windows between VWMs smartly
  • Much more...
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06 Feb : 23:28
can anyone try sygate personal firewall and see if it works?

06 Feb : 23:24
Looks like we broke our most guest users online record

06 Feb : 23:09
Double click the SharpCore icon in the system tray, and then check the configuration icon next to the Weather service

06 Feb : 17:36
whre do you change your location for the weather plugin?

06 Feb : 09:58
sorry but the poll is dumb lol

03 Feb : 09:20
good now i can conect

01 Feb : 02:40
Time we lost that gender poll over yonder...(grudgingly goes back to science textbooks...)

30 Jan : 01:07
Download is working for me

29 Jan : 18:39
sourceforge down ==> can't download T_T

28 Jan : 09:08
how did that happen? 12 is the most i've ever seen

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