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bullet version on 01 Jan 05 - 03:07
when is the new cvs going to be on the SF download page?
bullet mh166 on 31 Dec 04 - 15:35
Yeah! Now it's time for CVS5!!! =D =P

wfg, mh166
bullet Billi Berserker on 31 Dec 04 - 15:03
Happy New Year from GMT +1 =D
bullet toblo on 31 Dec 04 - 08:17
Happy New Year, Guys!!! At least at +08:00
bullet blueapples on 30 Dec 04 - 11:14
so....sharpdocs in new years release?
bullet starkraving on 30 Dec 04 - 09:44
pzoom!! yay!!!
bullet pixol on 30 Dec 04 - 09:04
We might have another surprise ready for CVS5 It's an update to an old favourite.
bullet pixol on 30 Dec 04 - 02:13
You love to hate me BB
bullet Billi Berserker on 30 Dec 04 - 02:01
grrr, Pix - I hate you :P
now I have to finish erverything in 2 days
bullet woodland on 29 Dec 04 - 19:37
oh yes.... ! =D presents on 01-01
bullet woodland on 29 Dec 04 - 14:43
maybe he likes Konquerer better or maybe firefox doesn't run (nice) on his O.S.???? Freedom of choice is a beautifull thing. as is the availabilty of an alternative, like firefox for instance
bullet Webbie on 29 Dec 04 - 14:38
@ the person using Konquerer - why on earth aren't you using Firefox?
bullet woodland on 27 Dec 04 - 12:18
bullet pixol on 27 Dec 04 - 11:24
Yes there is a multitude of fixed bugs/new features for single guys too CVS releases are not minor updates, they add and fix much stuff.
bullet Doc-Zock on 27 Dec 04 - 11:08
Is there anything else in cvs5 besides the dualmonitor stuff?
Or do we singlemonitor owners not really need to update?
bullet Billi Berserker on 27 Dec 04 - 08:52
ah, now I see what you mean.
Should be fixed now
bullet woodland on 27 Dec 04 - 08:42
Hi Billy, at the top of the page you see: summary, admin, Homepage. On a lot of the other SF projectpages the dev's (mistakenly??) use this link to link to their own website. In the current situation both links (Projecthomepage and home page) lead nowhere i.e. they return you to the page you are viewing..
bullet Billi Berserker on 27 Dec 04 - 01:30
SharpE isn't working under Linux, so why care about konqueror? :P

what home page link?
I only see "Project Page", and this link is working fine
bullet woodland on 26 Dec 04 - 18:43
[nagmode] Hi when i click the "Home Page" link on this page.. nothing happpens.. cpuld some1 fix it?[/nagmode] Happy New Year =P
bullet mh166 on 26 Dec 04 - 18:10
Hmm... the website looks very buggy when browsing with konqueror... =?
Do you want to know and fix it or should I've better not sayed this?
bullet toblo on 25 Dec 04 - 17:17
Merry Chritmas, Everyone!
bullet Billi Berserker on 25 Dec 04 - 13:37
we are working on it,
but Malx had to leave again and we want the new tray to be part of the next release. So more work to fix the stuff Malx haven't had time for...
We will try to release cvs5 this year
bullet woodland on 25 Dec 04 - 10:28
[nagmode] i want my x-mas presents.. [/nagmode] how are thing coming along? and euuh spend some time with the family 2... Happy festivities! =D
bullet toblo on 24 Dec 04 - 04:28
Cool! Okay, stop drooling... stop drooling...
bullet pixol on 24 Dec 04 - 04:18
Patience... soon
bullet toblo on 24 Dec 04 - 01:08
it's almost christmas. I want my updated PB5. :P
bullet gandhi on 23 Dec 04 - 13:40
Wow, I just found the site, I haven't checked to see if SharpE had gotten updated, since I was gettin the criticals for PB4. The site is awesome, and PB5 kicks ass.
bullet Lowspirit on 23 Dec 04 - 09:33
Hey that's quicknotes!
bullet trefaes on 22 Dec 04 - 08:18
Ah... seems another restart solved it
bullet trefaes on 22 Dec 04 - 08:11
It seems I have something of a problem... SharpE loads perfectly on login, yet when I try to run anything which would open explorer (eg. 'Computer' shortcut), the explorer shell opens... any ideas?

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