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bullet version on 21 Dec 04 - 13:44
using windows feels so slow without sharpe. sharpe streamlines everything in a clan manner
bullet Doc-Zock on 21 Dec 04 - 13:01
A friend noticed his pc doesnt shut down completly with this version. Instead he gets to see a message telling him he may turn off the power.
Same to me now, but I use to press the power button anyway.
bullet starkraving on 21 Dec 04 - 11:46
I started using sharpE at version 1.5, heh i actually liked that old version, it fit on a floppy and was super fast loading, complete with winamp controls and email checker...
bullet pixol on 21 Dec 04 - 09:38
Heh i have been using SharpE for well over 3 years now, and i never tire of it
bullet FutureMillennium on 21 Dec 04 - 05:35
Thanx for QN =P Are there any planned features/known bugs?
bullet bug on 20 Dec 04 - 20:39
Doing a Great job with the software! No shell comes close. Sharpe for life!
bullet Billi Berserker on 20 Dec 04 - 14:07
Still really much work to do ...
bullet pixol on 20 Dec 04 - 13:48
We did say around Christmas :P
bullet mh166 on 20 Dec 04 - 13:27
Then give it to me! Can't wait till christmas! Do you know how long 5 days are??? =(
bullet pixol on 20 Dec 04 - 13:23
Hiding tray icons is already in the build i am using :P
bullet mh166 on 20 Dec 04 - 11:10
Nice to hear all the things here!
Hope hiding icons within STray WILL come.
@lom: nice to here! I was already waiting for sooo long!
@Doc-Zock: There's also a problem with a ' in the path...

{I like these chatboxes }
bullet lom on 20 Dec 04 - 07:51
Hi, i'll resume scheduler soon, sorry for delay - i was busy :-]
bullet Doc-Zock on 20 Dec 04 - 07:37
Hey there, FilePanel does something wiered if theres an "&" in a path
bullet nemo on 20 Dec 04 - 05:42

hot hiding action
bullet Billi Berserker on 20 Dec 04 - 04:28
there are rumors about a strange feature called "hiding icons" which might return to SharpTray soon :o
bullet version on 19 Dec 04 - 20:56
malx. sharptray god. save us from icon trouble forever.
bullet pixol on 19 Dec 04 - 15:28
Quicknotes will be uploaded tomorrow
bullet FutureMillennium on 19 Dec 04 - 02:56
Woohoo! What happend to Mokneys with Green Hats and Ninja Software? =P
bullet DeLL on 19 Dec 04 - 02:41
omg. mom! they're baaaack!!! =D =D =D
bullet pixol on 18 Dec 04 - 13:17
You have been really busy lately?
bullet Billi Berserker on 18 Dec 04 - 13:17
damn Malx,
get yourself in IRC or ICQ asap =D
bullet Malx on 18 Dec 04 - 13:15
I will send you the code for the service and a binary SharpTray without the service later this weekend so you can take a look...
bullet pixol on 18 Dec 04 - 13:14
can you msn or icq?
bullet pixol on 18 Dec 04 - 13:13
i have some experience yes..
bullet Malx on 18 Dec 04 - 13:11
It works the first time I load it, but I can't unload and load again...?
bullet Malx on 18 Dec 04 - 13:10
Do you have any experience with com objects now Pixol? I have problem with moving ShellServiceobjectsDelayl oad to a SharpCore service instead of internal in SharpTray..
bullet pixol on 18 Dec 04 - 13:07
hi! so glad to see you
bullet Malx on 18 Dec 04 - 13:06
Hi pixol!
Cant use irc for the moment, because of a firewall problem...
bullet pixol on 18 Dec 04 - 05:55
omg a malx!
bullet woodland on 17 Dec 04 - 14:10
Good to have a cool site again! Can't wait for's going to be a Merry one eeuh o yeah Happy New Year to the crew and the monkies (hehehe)

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