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bullet Sylaei on 01 Dec 06 - 19:24
Anything longer than a week and it gets hazy...
bullet CodenomicsJester on 01 Dec 06 - 19:03
long time? wow your days must go by quick!!
bullet Sylaei on 01 Dec 06 - 15:21
Death Au, I assume you are using cvs6. I don't think there is. It seems like I had that problem also. I haven't used 6 in a long time so my memory is fuzzy.
bullet Death Au on 30 Nov 06 - 19:56
Is there any way to change the locations of the shortcuts on the dpButtonBar plugins without removing and re-adding them?
bullet mh166 on 29 Nov 06 - 00:09
You're welcome. It's better to ask stupid questions and find the answer than giving up looking for answers *gg*
bullet Cubanisimo on 28 Nov 06 - 16:01
nevermind i asked as tupid question i noticed
bullet Cubanisimo on 28 Nov 06 - 15:02
hey guys whats the website to the #e shell i've heard so much about i searched google and i couldnt find it
bullet kalemika on 18 Nov 06 - 04:38
#E seems to be the greatest thing to happen to new shells. I've never EVER had a replacement shell that actually runs faster or more stable than explorer until now - and it's GORGEOUS!
bullet CodenomicsJester on 14 Nov 06 - 21:26
I love seeing more and more new #E lovers!
Are we getting the #children thing goin again?
bullet CodenomicsJester on 06 Nov 06 - 22:05
oh yeah, there are a few beta themes on there make sure you are getting a CVS theme if that is the version you have
bullet CodenomicsJester on 06 Nov 06 - 22:02
bullet slimemonkey on 06 Nov 06 - 16:54
i just got sharp...where do i get the themes, must they all be made from scratch?
bullet slimemonkey on 06 Nov 06 - 16:53
bullet CLOTHOID40 on 27 Oct 06 - 01:51
it so great
bullet sharpshine on 23 Oct 06 - 04:33
Please, help me!
Are there any new sources from
SharpTheme? The last version on the old SVN doesn't work well.
Thanx in advance.
bullet glacialfury on 21 Oct 06 - 16:26
hehe, double-double play on words..."negative pix"
bullet CodenomicsJester on 20 Oct 06 - 17:44
lol. pix it looks like a "myspace" pic!
bullet pixol on 20 Oct 06 - 09:00
What happens when you are bored at work? You create a new avatar from your phone
bullet CodenomicsJester on 18 Oct 06 - 21:26
We need a link to the Skins site so the newbs (and me) can find it a lil easier.
bullet CodenomicsJester on 17 Oct 06 - 14:18
help me with the pink bar PLEASE! (new thread in the latest release forum)
bullet Billi Berserker on 09 Oct 06 - 08:35
hey Byte_Zero,
sorry wasn't reading the chatbox lately
Join IRC or e-mail me if you want to help
(IRC would be best )
bullet Byte_Zero on 09 Oct 06 - 07:38
Oh, ok, thanks guys, although the .rar link is broken anyway, with help of some friends we are already doing some code to create "components" for this version. Really, nice shell.
bullet starling on 06 Oct 06 - 23:55
Old but good:

remember, only work on version 0.6
bullet Dwazzue on 04 Oct 06 - 16:46
Hi and welcome to the #E club! Glad you guys like it like the rest of us users!
bullet Byte_Zero on 03 Oct 06 - 13:26
Pretty neat. I´m starting to use SharpE and definitly like it!! Nice work. Can i help anyway? By the way.. where can i get the old_but_good.rar?
bullet Ariffr on 02 Oct 06 - 03:12
hi guys Im new here this thingy is very cool man!!! thanks for making it
bullet silentpyjamas on 30 Sep 06 - 11:54
not much, miss you in the chat room. COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEEEE SuS!
bullet SuS on 28 Sep 06 - 02:31
^ waves to silentpyjamas! Wazzup gorgeous?
bullet viper0825 on 27 Sep 06 - 05:46
Sweet, this is what I've been waiting for. It is coming together very nicely.
bullet Soul on 22 Sep 06 - 16:47
loving the new site. looks like everyone's been busy since I was last here looking forward to the new beta - some damn good work has been done by the looks of it...

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