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Billi Berserker
Mon Aug 07 2006, 10:11AM

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This release is not final and it might be unstable!
A major part of the shell has been rewritten completely and this is the first public release of the new code!
We recommend to only use this release if you are an experienced user!
This release is not user friendly and a good default setup is still missing.

DO NOT use this release if you are a new user who has never used SharpE before!
(Go to our website ( and download the latest stable CVS6 release!)

You will lose all your previous SharpE settings,
(including Themes and Desktop Objects!)

This release does not come with an installer.
Follow the following steps in order to install it :
1. Unzip the complete release into an EMPTY FOLDER.
(DO NOT overwrite your old SharpE folder!)
2. Go to SettingsUser and rename the "default" folder to the name of your XP Account.
3. Close all running SharpE components inlcuding SharpCore.exe!
(use the task manager -> process list if you have to)
4. Start the SharpCore.exe from your new SharpE folder and answer the question about setting this SharpCore as default shell with 'Yes'
5. Reboot if you had another shell than SharpE running before... otherwise everything should be loading fine and no reboot is necessary

How to get back to your old stable SharpE cvs6 setup
* Close all running SharpE applications (including SharpCore.exe) and start the SharpCore.exe from your old SharpE folder

How to set explorer back as default shell
* run SharpCore.exe, right click the tray icon and click "set shell to explorer"
or * run SharpCore.exe with the param -explorer... for example : "SharpCore.exe -explorer"

* The old SharpBar is included in this release as 'SharpBarOld.exe'. You can still use it for some of the old plugins
* SharpTask.exe and SharpTray.exe are still included but not used by the default setup. The new SharpBar has working task and tray modules so there is no need to use the old components. However you can still use the old components if anything is not working with the new stuff.
* Do not stop the SystemTray or SharpESkinServer services
* Join #SharpE ( for getting support or use the official beta forum on
* Post bugs and questions regarding this release only in this "Beta Releases" forum!

BB - -email-
Lead developer (SharpBar, SharpDesk, SharpTheme, Skin System,)
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