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Sun Feb 15 2009, 06:56AM

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Hello everyone!

I finally decided to register on the forums. I've been using SharpE for about 2-3 weeks now, and I'm really fond of it.

I read about it on one of my favorite sites here.

After hesitating for a while, I decided to give it a try. The first experience was horrible! I could not get used to it! But I tried again 1 week later, and after 2 hours of tweaking and playing around, I made it look just as I wanted!

[ image disabled ]

The little box in the middle is my application launcher, Executor.

My desktop is fully customized now! Nobody besides me can use it.

However, I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of autohide of toolbars and of system tray icons. Those are the only things I miss from explorer.

I hope TD6 will include these!

(Oh and can anyone tell me how to remove the splash screen at startup? I succeeded once, but since then...)
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Sun Feb 15 2009, 12:07PM
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Well, welcome. Don't know why you hesitated to register right away, it's only $25 a month, after all.

Just's free...that's my point.

Anyway, the autohide thing does not work for me either; but the system tray, it is a module you may add to the toolbar, look for it. Or, if you simply want to use it right away, click on the tool bar's throbber , get the pop up menu to show up and then go to "Quick Add Module", go ahead and add "System Tray". Later, you can go to SharpCenter and pick right-alignment for it, etc.

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Sun Feb 15 2009, 02:26PM

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Hi gsal! ^^

I hesitated because I do not register in forums where I do not post. But I wanted to share my desktop this time

Concerning the sytem tray, I do have it, but I was talking about the "hide inactive icons" features of windows' systray.
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Mon Feb 16 2009, 10:01AM
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Welcome, and enjoy your stay.
SharpE does still have some small issues, but... it has come a LONG way since i have started using it.

"We've been bombing Afghanistan for 4-5 years now..... Ain't done but $87 worth of damage"
~~Cedric The Entertainer~~
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