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sharpDesk Object suggestion
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Thu Dec 30 2004, 09:50AM

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Joined: Wed Dec 15 2004, 05:28PM
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A dynamic connection to a folder, which will be used to automagically build a grid of shortcut links, with some kind of interval for automatic refreshing.

One such folder could be, I don't know... "desktop"?
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Billi Berserker
Thu Dec 30 2004, 11:45AM

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Joined: Mon Dec 13 2004, 01:12AM
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so something like the dynamic start menu but just for the desktop?

good idea...

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Thu Sep 01 2005, 05:28AM

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Joined: Mon Aug 29 2005, 12:04AM
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good idea, similarly, i'd like to see icons on the desktop that act as menus. like the start menu. i have the menus plugin which is almost what i want but not quite.
perhaps an option for file panels to turn them into a menu?

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Thu Sep 01 2005, 04:33PM

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Joined: Wed Dec 15 2004, 09:42PM
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awesome idea stark. If the folder that was being monitored acted similar to 'object sets' then it would allow you to move the icons/links anywhere on the desktop.

So for example i have a folder labled 'internet apps' and in that i have firefox, filezilla, miranda etc shortcuts. Now all i have to do is load my internet apps object set and each of my themes have all the links i want on the desktop, plus if i add more links to the folder they will pop up on the desktop.

Sounds real cool. Great thinking starkraving.

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Tue Sep 13 2005, 02:41PM
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Joined: Fri Sep 09 2005, 03:37AM
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agree with you starling, let the icons more cleverer!

but i think a bit different:
if you keep holding down the mouse's left button on an icon, a menu is appearing which contains some extra functions, for example: uninstall, docs, website, check for updates ect. and if you can edit this menu you can add more functions OR add defrag, backup ect. options for the drives!

btw how can i turning my desktop into dynamical? if you install an app in the end there is an "create desktop icon" option usually. but sharpe dont showing this new icon! please help me!!
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Tue Sep 13 2005, 09:15PM
Feelin' Frosty

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This mimics in many ways the functionality of a dwarf bar (drawered wharf bar); you have an icon that itself "opens" a drawer containing other icons, which can either be manually set or dynamically generated.

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