SharpE : Forum Specific Post en 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 hourly 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 Tell us what you think about this release!What do you think about the new features?Anything you don't like?Tell us now ! Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 SuS Updated from to and with it I/you deleted some modules, among one i need: SharpVWM and I don't see how i can use multiple desktops without it. So I'll have to restart using CVS 6 again Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 Dwazzue Hey I like the fact that you gave us an update this time THANKS!Also thanks for the CPU monitor. I am sure a few peeps will like the volume contol also. Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 viper0825 So far it has been working great. It looks like the bug that was squashed is back where a running process shows up in the taskbar. DIskkeeper runs unnoticed in the background but now shows up in the taskbar. The CPU meter is a welcomed addition. Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 Anonymous can i import my old settings from cvs6 ? mainly desktop ojbjects Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 Billi Berserker Anonymous said ...can i import my old settings from cvs6 ? mainly desktop ojbjects nope sorry,importing settings from cvs6 is not possible Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 Billi Berserker SuS said ...Updated from to and with it I/you deleted some modules, among one i need: SharpVWM and I don't see how i can use multiple desktops without it. So I'll have to restart using CVS 6 again Just copy SharpVWM.exe over from the old CVS6 release Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 starling as far as copying settings from cvs6 goes, you can get hotkeys and exec shortcuts by copying the xml files from the settings folder. Not for the theme though, have to do that yourself Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 Sylaei Ok, whats not to love. Awesome direction. I did miss the vwm but read the posts above. I too like the cpu monitor. I also like that I can have multiple bars with the config I want on each.Not that it matters, but I really like the default theme for some reason. Just can't put my finger on it.I also like the thinner bars. My primary pc is a notebook with 1400x900...really need the vertical real estate. Was hoping for a vertical bar, but this is working great for me so far. Only been using it a day really.I haven't looked at any of the skinning or themeing options but it looks like more of sharpe is now skinable. Awesome job.Syl Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 starkraving Can you make the left and right padding in the clock module a bit smaller? It eats up a lot of real estate the way it is now Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 starling Couple of #bar bugs:i have 3 bars. 1 has 3 taskbar modules, the second has media buttons and vol control, the last has clock, tray, cpumon, memmon, exec. I use drop theme.When my computer starts the media bar has black boxes where buttons should be. buttons still work but are black until i hide and reshow bar, then it's all fine.the taskbars are doing some funy things. my filter for firefox works to exclude it from 1 group but not to add it to another. this is the case whether it's filtered by class or filename. however making a second identical filter works fine for both include and exclude.secondly, this bar (with only taskbars) randomly closes itself. It's fine 90% of the time but then it will disapear without being touched. I restart #core to get it back but if it happens once it generally happens again.could this be incompatability with any particular program? maybe dreamweaver or the short term, is there a quick way to restart a particular bar without restarting #core? Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 pixol The bar closing problem is due to the task module, there is a nasty bug that seems to kill the bar when an error is encountered.The filters are also work in progress, myself and bb have noticed bugs, and these will hopefully be fixed before the next closed beta. We are also adding scripting to SharpE, and so closing all bars will be easy as Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 starling now the taskbar has stoped refreshing :S. It won't remove closed windows or add now ones but the ones there that are still open work fine.As long as we're talking 'pre-beta' release, you should be able to restart specific bars or maybe all bars fairly easilly. Is this going to be a feaature of the next release? Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 starkraving The "taskbar stopped refreshing" thing happened to me yesterday for the first time. Then the tray module went empty and I got "The canvas does not accept drawing" or something. This is since I switched to the "Drop" skin. I'm going to switch back to my previous skin and see what happens. Re: [] Feedback 2006-10-12T05:47:42-07:00 NiZ I think I've mentioned this before: !focusminiscmd(Miniscmdidhere) hotkeys/buttons do not work at all. The focus is there, the indication that you can type is there, but it's not responding; It is as if the focus has already been moved to background. Note: If the button to focus on the miniscmd is on the same bar as the miniscmd itself, it DOES work.. But hotkeys do not. Further more, it appears as if some icons are again lost in the systemtray: I recently set the volume trash icon there, however it does not show. Please note that I've installed this via the latest instructions in the thread Installation Problems as the original installation of does not work properly on my computer at all, so it maybe a faulty service or old service I am using.//EDIT: Apparently, I cannot apply the option to put a volume icon (the speaker icon) in my system tray. Most odd.. (Probably an issue on my side.. I'll look into it).