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There is no official stable release of SharpE available at the moment.
Support for the old CVS6 release has been canceled.
A new offical release (SharpE 0.8) will be released soon.

SharpE 0.7 (unstable beta)
A major part of the shell has been rewritten completely since the CVS6 release.
Any releases tagged as 0.7 are considered unstable and we recommend those releases only for experienced users.

Download: http://trac.sharpe-

SharpE Source Code (SVN)
SharpE is written in Delphi and the complete source code is available on the SVN server.

svn command: "https:// t/svnroot/sharpe"
Browse svn: http:// t/viewvc/sharpe
Changelog: project/sharpe

Carapace is a shell manager that is still unfinished, but usable and stable.
Using Carapace you manage multiple shell environments, and effectively run SharpE and Explorer together with very little effort. It can also be used to execute any application or game without first loading a shell, this way you have maximum memory available.

Download: http:// prdownloads.sourceforge.n et/sharpe/Carapace.exe? download

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