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163SharpNotes: Make integral part of SharpE, not SharpBar modulenewFeaturenormal0.71 (TD1)
203Module request: computer uptime displaynewFeaturenormal
240Button item state for running appsnewBilliberserkerFeaturenormal
342Global module options from throbber barnewBilliberserkerFeaturenormal0.72 (TD2)
349SCMD: allow up arrow to scroll through previous commandsreopenedBilliberserkerFeaturenormal0.72 (TD2)
359Systray icon controlnewBilliberserkerFeaturenormal0.72 (TD2)
360weather plugin forecast in a menu.newBilliBerserkerFeaturenormal
366CPUMon disappears on bottom sharpbarnewbilliberserkerBugnormal0.72 (TD2)
408#E Build Version ModulenewBilliberserkerFeaturenormal0.73 (TD3)
431Memory Module not working properlynewBilliberserkerBugnormal0.73 (TD3)
433Volume Control Mute does not worknewBilliberserkerBugnormal0.73 (TD3)
343Volume Control: needs better interfacenewBilliberserkerFeaturelow0.72 (TD2)
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