SharpE: Ticket Query The SharpE Desktop Replacement Shell en-us Trac v0.10.4dev SharpE #105: Widgets <p> A new widget component has to be created.<br /> The component will be used to dispaly on screen widgets like the weather, clock or links. Basicly what <a class="missing wiki" href="" rel="nofollow">SharpDesk?</a> is in cvs6 should become a new application. The Widgets should have the option to be always ontop and to stay in the background ("locked" to desktop). Widgets are supposed to be modules in seperate dll files. The widgets also should have a huge amount of options so that the user can customize everything.<br /> <br /> Development Notice:<br /> - Best way to do it would be layered windows and graphics32 (but can be done in another way too)<br /> - Settings should be in <a class="wiki" href="">SharpCenter</a> (but no priority, get the app done first)<br /> - App itself could have a tray icon with a popup for controling everything (keep it simple!) <br /> </p> Tickets #200: SharpDesk Object rename option <p> Issue: too much work to rename the caption on a <a class="missing wiki" href="" rel="nofollow">SharpDesk?</a> object. </p> <p> Suggestion: Add a "Rename" option to customize the caption on the context menu of all <a class="missing wiki" href="" rel="nofollow">SharpDesk?</a> objects. </p> Tickets #423: Recycle Bin Object: strange behavior with MP3 player/USB drive <p> I had an empty recycle bin, and I plugged in my iAudio mp3 player (20gb harddrive). The Recycle Bin read the "trash" folder of the mp3 player, and displayed the result on the desktop object as 36782.40 MB (5 Items). </p> <p> The capacity of the drive is only 20 gb, so I'm not sure where this number is coming from. Emptying the recycle bin did not work (gives a "Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk" error). </p> <p> Much of this may be related to the way windows is interacting with a USB hard drive, but as it is unexpected behavior, I've made a ticket. </p> Tickets