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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#397 Control Panel submenu broken in SharpMenu in XP assigned Pixol high -- SharpMenu
#405 Error when searching for files in explorer new mc high -- General SharpE
#434 MiniSCmd Shortcut Commands do not work assigned Billiberserker high -- General SharpE
#465 Issue of Chinese compatibility new high Services
#487 Certain games do not work as intended new Billiberserker high SharpDesk
#490 Quick Launch- Show Desktop opens My Documents twice (TD5) new high General SharpE
#514 Desktop moveable using "Nifty Windows". new Billiberserker high 0.8 SharpDesk
#520 Task Bar Module does not draw correctly new Billiberserker high 0.8 SharpBar
#527 Cannot launch AutoCAD new Pixol high 0.8 SharpCore
#25 Progress bar don't draw well for skins with rounded bars. assigned Billiberserker normal -- Skins
#385 Fix and improve default skin new Billiberserker normal -- General SharpE
#423 Recycle Bin Object: strange behavior with MP3 player/USB drive new Billiberserker normal -- Objects
#449 Focus Problems with VWM and Full Screen Games reopened Billiberserker normal -- Services
#451 Mediaplayer does not stay full screen new normal -- General SharpE
#455 Resolution Change doesn't resize all windows new normal -- General SharpE
#469 Directory Opus right-click-tray-menu doesn't work new normal General SharpE
#484 Alt+Tab replacement doesn't show up if a window is not responding new normal -- General SharpE
#501 The icon for the Weather Module occasionally is behind the text new Billiberserker normal Modules
#507 Sharpe alt+tab behavior with only one window reopened normal General SharpE
#509 Alt+tab fails to switch to the appropriate workspace new normal General SharpE
#512 Keyboard layout module: Visible "Flashing" of bar module upon changing. new Billiberserker normal 0.8 Modules
#515 Clock module updates the first minute after being locked. new Billiberserker normal 0.8 SharpBar
#516 Editing a menu is sharpecenter using drag and drop. new Billiberserker normal 0.8 SharpMenu
#521 White 2.xml can not be found new Pixol normal 0.8 Configurations
#522 System Tray Not running text does not disapear new Billiberserker normal 0.8 SharpBar
#523 Explorer icon doesn't show up in task switcher new Pixol normal 0.8 Services
#524 lnk2 shortcuts not executed new Billiberserker normal 0.8 Modules
#526 Bar Manager (Tool Bar, Task Bar) auto hide with maximized windows, click and click... new Pixol normal 0.8 Configurations
#528 Some new windows do not show up in Taskbar new Billiberserker normal 0.8 SharpBar
#529 Wallpaper shifted when locking workstation with dual monitors new Pixol normal 0.8 SharpCore
#530 Autogallery login broken new mc normal 0.8 Configurations
#383 nVidia ActiveArmor firewall new low -- Compatibily Issues
#498 Restart dialog not focused when brought up new BilliBerserker low General SharpE
#510 Network icons redraw issue. new Pixol low 0.8 Services
#517 Weather bar module display problem: Second line doesnt disapear. new Billiberserker low 0.8 Modules
#519 SharpCenter Services tabs don't update new Pixol low 0.8 Configurations
#232 cannot put laptop on standby reopened Billiberserker immediate -- SharpBar
#352 Hotkey overlaps between SharpE and games new Pixol immediate -- Services
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