SharpE Testing Days


Thank you for joining us for SharpE Testing Days! Without you, our community, SharpE would be nowhere near where it is today. In instituting Testing Days, we're taking another step in involving the SharpE community in the process of our development, and we're grateful you're part of it. A Testing Day (TD) consists of having the SharpE team and users available on a specific day to QA the latest release. For more information or for feedback on SharpE Testing Days, please email spj at sharpe-shell dot org and check out the beta testing help page.


25th March, 2007Our Inaugural Testing Day!
8th July, 2007Testing Day 2(0.72)
23 September, 2007Testing Day 3(0.73)
30 December, 2007Testing Day 4(0.74)
22 Feburary, 2009Testing Day 6(0.76)

This table will be updated when a new TD is announced.

SharpE Team

On the day of a TD as many SharpE developers as possible are on call. This means there is usually a coder from each part of the shell on to answer questions and attempt to code fixes on the spot. They can be contacted via irc, forum or email in the event you encounter a bug.


As many users as possible are encouraged to assist in testing. Each user on a TD is considered a tester. Testing generally entails doing your normal day to day things while using the shell (minimize/maximize window(s), play music or movies, change settings, rearrange bars, etc). If you like you can use IRC to interact directly with the SharpE team for instant feedback. Or you can use the official bug/feedback forum thread for the TD to report their findings.


Tickets can be created in the trac system by either the developer or tester once the bug has been proven. It is not required of a tester to create a ticket but if you can assist in it the SharpE team would appreciate it. It is the developer's discretion as to whether or not a ticket is required, meaning they may be able to fix it immediately for release in the next drop. If a problem cannot be fixed it should be documented in a ticket and a forum post may be made by the SharpE team explaining the problem, why it can't be fixed immediately and an ETA as to when a fix can be expected.


Fixes that are made the day of a TD are tested by the irc team first off before being applied to a R# (i.e. TD4R5). The R# are often released the day of or the day after a TD, where all other non irc users can grab the fixed files and test before the fix is applied permanantly and the ticket is fullfilled.