SharpE Installation

Suggested Software

  • Before you can install SharpE, you will need a utility program to unzip the download package. Staying true to FOSS, you may want to use 7-zip; alternatively, jZip is a very nice choice.
  • While SharpE provides a way for you to switch back and forth between Explorer and SharpE itself, it is more convenient to use a shell picker kind of program like ShellOn; this way you pick which shell you want to use at login time.

SharpE Setup

  • Download the latest stable release. As of this writing is TD5.7z
  • Unzip the package to the installation directory of your choice.
  • Go to the installation directory, find SetShell.exe and run it. Pick SharpE as your default shell, and make sure your select "Separate Explorer" so that you can continue to use Explorer as a File Manager without triggering its execution as a shell.
  • At this point, you are ready to reboot your machine and you should be logged directly into the SharpE shell, every time, no questions asked. Or, it is at this time (any time, really) when you could setup ShellOn so that you actually have the choice of picking, at login time, which shell to use...until you are ready to let go of the other shell for good.

And that's it...enjoy!