[[TracNav(NavBars/MainMenu)]] = Welcome! = Welcome to the SharpE shell wiki. This wiki aims to provide an invaluable resource for various aspects of SharpE usage and development. It's still very much work in progress, and we hope for it to evolve over time so that it becomes more useful, for everyone involved. Check out the [wiki:WikiGuide wiki guide] page for more on how you can help with this. ---- = Get SharpE! = [wiki:TDSetup Download the latest Testing Day release] (TD6R2). Having any problems with this release? Try posting to the [http://www.sharpe-shell.org/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewforum.php?34 forums] or check out the IRC channel (#sharpe on irc.freenode.net) for some help. There are two other versions of SharpE available; CVS6 (no longer supported, but available for our Win9x users), and the nightly binary build, which can be accessed via SVN from the address {{{http://www.sharpe-shell.org/sharpe}}} with any SVN client. Please note: If you download the Testing Day release, it is possible many issues from it have been fixed in the nightly binary, however '''the nightly binary should only be used by advanced users'''. == Testing == You can help SharpE improve by [http://trac.sharpe-shell.org/newticket reporting] any bugs you find, although don't forget to check out [http://trac.sharpe-shell.org/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&type=Bug&order=priority known issues] first. The SharpE team also holds regular [wiki:TestingDays testing days] on IRC to help squish bugs as soon as possible in the latest releases of the shell. Details of the next testing day coming soon and more information on beta testing is available [wiki:Betatesters here]. ---- = User Guides = == Setup and Daily Use == ''For details about specific modules or services, please see the appropriate page in the Shell Anatomy .'' * [wiki:UGInstallation Installation] * [wiki:UGIntroduction Introduction: Default Setup] == Shell Anatomy == * [wiki:Glossary] * [wiki:ComponentsList Components] * [wiki:ModulesList Modules] * [wiki:ServicesList Services] ---- = Skinning and Theming = Wanting to customise the look of your SharpE? * [wiki:SkinsDocsMain Creating Skins] - A guide to creating skins for SharpBar. * [wiki:ThemesDocsMain Creating Themes] - A guide to creating SharpE themes. ---- = Development = SharpE is coded in Delphi by !CodeGear. If you are considering contributing to SharpE, either by creating a module or helping with the core, check out our development pages for help and information. * [wiki:SharpEDevelopment SharpE Development] * [wiki:WhitePaper SharpE White Paper Experiment]