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It's summer and were slacking!
22 Jul 08 - 15:12
Yes it's true... mostly due to tradition. Summer is a period when we are known to slack. With one month since the last commit were all uber busy getting sunstroke and drinking far too much!!! Oh but it gives us time to chill and prepare for... the new site maybe... 0.7 R5 and 0.8 RC1... and hopefully 0.8 this year!!! The team will be back in August! Kicking Ass!

[ comment(s): 3 Newspost by pixol]

NjoY y'all

[ Comment by SuS am: 23 Jul : 03:16 ]

You guys earned it, Have a terrific holiday

[ Comment by woodland am: 23 Jul : 06:47 ]

Right, relax. It will give me time to discover insidious bugs and design inconsistencies to occupy your winters with. MUAH HA HA HA HA HA

[ Comment by glacialfury am: 14 Aug : 20:15 ]

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