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TD5 Release & Status Report
19 Aug 08 - 07:12
After way too much waiting it's time for another release. Due to lots of changes I made the decission to not continue with R5 of TD4. This new release holds TD5 as version and the next releases will go under R1/R2/etc. of this TD5 build. Another reason for this rather unexpected jump to TD5 is that I wanted to try out another default build with a different theme and bar setup.

This also means that the intended jump to 0.8 RC1 is delayed. But this is mostly due to Pixol and mc not having time to work on SharpE lately. The Problem is that two important parts of 0.8 RC1 (DDE Service and a few missing configs) are to be developed by Pix and mc. While we wait for this to eventually happen I'm going to continue fixing up the rest of the shell.

The Changelog for TD5 is pretty big and mostly contains a lot of bug fixes. Especially the taskbar module and exec service have improved a lot. But also some new features like dragging task items and volume control for Windows Vista managed to sneak in.

We received a lot of feedback for TD4 and this helped a lot to improved the shell furthermore. Please continue giving such amazing feedback for this release. The more feedback comes in the more I get an idea what to work on.

TD5 Download: http://trac.sharpe-
TD5 Changelog: http://trac.sharpe- TD5Changelog
Please post feedback and bug reports into this forum thread

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