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A Never Ending Story
07 Oct 08 - 15:26
Oops! We did it again,
As usual we find ourselvs unable to stick to any imaginary road map or time plan. But this time we have a pretty neat reason!

Recently our user sx2008 has pointed out to us that we could improve the plugin systems used all over the shell by switching to another coding technique called interfaces. After some investigation and testing we came to the conclusion that using interfaces will enormously increase the capabilities of the plugin systems. Right now I'm completely rewriting the SharpBars plugin system while Pixol is doing the same for SharpCenter. Unfortunately this means that all modules (30% done) and configs (15% done) have to be converted too. Alltogether this will take about one month time to get everything working like it was before.

You might now want to ask what the advantage is if it's taking this much time to recode everything. That's actually not easy to answer without going into detail about how interfaces work and how the whole shell is written. The most important thing is that the whole source code beneath SharpBar and SharpCenter is a lot smaller and easier to maintain by using interfaces. We came up with a combinations of classes and interfaces which now makes it easily possible to extend the plugin systems at any later point. And this without having to change all previously created modules (or at worst with only minimal changes). Besides this all the previously existing restriction of using dll based plugins are completely gone. Dlls and host applications can now freely exchange any type of data without going through needlessly and slow messaging methods. The host applications can now fully control their plugins thus making the applications work a lot more efficient. In the end maybe even some bugs related to the previously madly used message sending between host and plugin will be fixed. And for SharpBar the memory usage should go down by about at least 20% (maybe even a lot more).

Due to these heavy changes the next release will be TD6 which will be held as a full 24hr testing day in IRC.
Right now it's sheduled for the end of october.

End of October is definitely doable. Maybe I will have Import/Export feature ready too The changes that we are doing are pretty major, but everyone should notice the improvements in both center and bar. Big thumbs up go to sx2008!

[ Comment by pixol am: 07 Oct : 16:10 ]

About time you slackers did some real coding

Good job

[ Comment by glacialfury am: 08 Oct : 14:14 ]

Sounds fair to me!

[ Comment by Rod Bacon am: 08 Oct : 21:31 ]

Lol damnit. Ive got exams in that time ah well. Best of luck

[ Comment by yay am: 09 Oct : 22:25 ]

Well current release works great for me, home and work, so i can wait a lil longer (not really :P )

Sounds great anywayz

Keep up the good work!

[ Comment by SuS am: 17 Oct : 08:59 ]

good to hear this. pixol and i talked about using interfaces a few years ago but nothing ever really materialized.

[ Comment by hollow am: 17 Nov : 10:32 ]

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