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TD6 in December
18 Nov 08 - 02:43
Unfortunately it does not look like we will get 0.8 out for Christmas, never say never, but it's unlikely. We still plan to have another TD out sometime in December though, which I am sure will introduce some new bugs due to the massive changes we have made to the code structure. Although sometimes it might seem our release cycle is a little too optimistic, we do try our hardest to push out releases in a timely manner. We have been thinking about the future after v1 for quite some time these days, whether to keep the platform as Delphi or push to another development platform such as .Net C#. This is one thing im sure is open for debate, but SharpE running with hardware accelerated graphics and WPF really excites me.

Next year it will be 10 years since the development began. 10 years and we have not got out a v1 release... I think our versioning needs to change :P I have a feeling the road to v1 will not be very long, our plans for multi-language and online updating may be pushed back until after v1 so that we can concentrate on making it as compatible and stable as possible. I hope you all agree but TD5 for us, is one of our most stable releases to date, but it's not without issues. I also think our current system for reporting issues is over complex, and am debating whether a move from Trac would be a good move.

I have been assured that our new website will hopefully go live in less than two weeks. The current release of the site will be very basic, and then over time new functionality will be added including addons support. The site is very simple in functionality and is based on WP... and I personally think it looks really great. It's a shame our web dev likes to slack so much with real life work and play. Unfortunately we all have lives outside of SharpEnviro, and this does affect our performance sometimes. Personally though, I can see myself coding for this shell for a few more years yet

Please feel free to contribute your ideas and feelings about the shell, whether that be the fuure of SharpE, features, what you hate. We don't bite (much). It is this information though that we use to plan future releases of SharpE. See you at the next TD!

[ comment(s): 14 Newspost by pixol]

So is there any update on DDE service support in 0.8?

- Vince

[ Comment by vince am: 18 Nov : 14:18 ]

Exciting news I'd be all for a C# version of it, and there's no reason it couldn't be developed concurrently. It would certainly be easier to attract developers.

Keep up the good work everyone!

[ Comment by glacialfury am: 19 Nov : 04:36 ]

I would love it if you moved to C#. You've already attracted one developer if you do.

I've been messing around in RAD Studio to possibly give you guys some help and wow what a difference from Visual Studio.

[ Comment by brum74 am: 19 Nov : 19:34 ]

I don't know much about .Net Framework and C#, but at least it would be fun if SharpE comes with hardware-accelerated animations, which other desktop shells cannot support(maybe..... Enlightenment Window Manager in Linux?).

Well, anyway, if you think you're interested in Korean language support, I'll happily devote myself into it. If you're ready, just announce so someone like me can prepare for the translation.

[ Comment by Robert_Teminian am: 27 Nov : 04:54 ]

One more:
Previously I was a fan of Delphi, but after Delphi 7, I've lost the fun part and found the IDE became too heavy, yet the tradeoff for overall performance or comfortability was too small.

Now I seriously consider to move to C# and .Net Framework, though the Framework means heavier workload for the machine(maybe). Yet, the fact that I'm just a hobbiest programmer makes me remain in the world of Object Pascal - I have Lazarus Project, and other Pascal compilers. :P

[ Comment by Robert_Teminian am: 27 Nov : 04:58 ]

Yeah well it's a way off until we make decisions, atleast until after 0.8 is released. I think we are planning one RC if things go well after TD6.

[ Comment by pixol am: 28 Nov : 08:51 ]

You guys are awesome. Just keep up the good work and your users will follow whichever way you all decide. OORA!!

[ Comment by yay am: 01 Dec : 04:41 ]

so - its out in december - or later?

[ Comment by Maxicube am: 03 Dec : 02:34 ]

TD6 is planned to be released this month, hopefully just before Christmas.

[ Comment by pixol am: 03 Dec : 10:35 ]

that would make for quite a nice X-MAS present!!

[ Comment by woodland am: 03 Dec : 14:03 ]

If you move to C# you'll have attracted me as well .

[ Comment by DarthDie am: 08 Dec : 14:38 ]

We are really trying to get it out in december,
problem simply is that I got a very important university exam at 19.12.
Means that I can't invest any time in SharpE before

[ Comment by Billi Berserker am: 10 Dec : 02:21 ]

oh well exams and immediate family come first!
We, the "extended family" , can wait; i for one rather receive a bug free Present.

a bit early, i know but;

Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

and Good Luck tomorrow Billy, I'm sure you'll Ace that exam

[ Comment by woodland am: 18 Dec : 03:10 ]

Depending on how much we get done this weekend, pretty much determines if we can push out TD6 before Christmas. I still have one more theme config to do, then i have to convert the modules and bar manager. To be honest it's not looking very likely.

[ Comment by pixol am: 18 Dec : 03:37 ]

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