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Lost configuration a thing of the past?
21 Nov 08 - 17:09
Have been working on something very cool tonight and as we get closer to a date of TD6 I am going to share more of our development process with you

For a long time we have had a lot of configuration data within SharpE, and sometimes this xml data can go *pop*. I have had it happen a few times in the last year or so... So what do we do about it? Well as you may or may not know we made a huge deal about interfaces and what It could mean if we switch over. Well that's what we are doing now... right? So I have created a new interface that wraps up all of the loading and saving of configuration data. The benefit being that every single file that uses it, will now have a backup automatically created when you save something within the environment. So when the XmlBaseInterface loads, if it fails for any reason... it will now load the backup if there is one. Which in a nutshell should mean, no more lost xml configuration files! Hurrah!

I hope some of you are rejoicing over this :P It also allows us to make sure every error while loading is logged to SharpConsole, which makes it much easier for us to debug issues. This is one of many ways how interfaces are helping us improve SharpEnviro I can't stress enough how different SharpEnviro will seem when we kick out TD6 sometime next month!

[ comment(s): 4 Newspost by pixol]

Wow you did have a busy weekend!!! good work!!!

[ Comment by yay am: 23 Nov : 23:44 ]

Hopefully you can transfer this to somehow making it so that upgrading from TDx to TDx+1 allows us to keep our XML configurations, at least as much as it can anyways

[ Comment by starkraving am: 25 Nov : 11:34 ]

well yeah once we hit 0.8 we will be assuring everyone that upgrades of xml files will happen, we plan to start versioning configurations after 0.8 has been released. Hopefully the next release will not have much impact that you have to install fully into a new dir anyway. Although this may change. Thanks yay!

[ Comment by pixol am: 25 Nov : 13:30 ]

Just wanted to tell you guys what an incredible project this is. Keep it going!

[ Comment by rdvonz am: 28 Dec : 00:42 ]

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