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Another Year has Passed
31 Dec 08 - 07:07
Another year has passed without version 0.8 of SharpE getting released. As usual we where unable to follow our imaginary time plan for the past year. There are several reaons for this. One being that the development team once again shrank to the size of two active core developers. The other thing is that with getting ready for 0.8 we realized that we have to take care of some ugly things which have been pushed away ever since. Our goal for 0.8 is it to bring out an overall solid and stable shell. For this to happen we recently started to rewrite and improve some older core parts of the shell. We where also still not satisfied with how SharpCenter and the configs turned out, thus making it necessary to rework the configs.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel and hope for the upcoming 2009.
Most of the still ongoing rewrites are nearly complete and two users (Brum74 and Yay) are actively helping us out on several fronts. There has also finally been some development on the new website and we are hoping to bring it online during the next 3 months.

So what will happen next?
Before we can go for 0.8 RC1 another testing day (TD6) will be done. This is simply necessary to test all the recently made changes for stability on different computer and system configurations. After TD6 we will directly go for 0.8 RC1. It's really hard to estimate when TD6 will be done. I don't think that we can make it in january, so I would roughly estimate end of february or march.

stay tuned and
Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you too!

[ Comment by SuS am: 31 Dec : 07:22 ]

Good thing we have so many thoughtful users. have a good year all!!

[ Comment by yay am: 01 Jan : 21:20 ]

got anything ya need me to do?

[ Comment by Codenomics am: 01 Jan : 22:12 ]

Yeah Happy New Year everyone. Although we failed to get 0.8 out for last year we still continue to push out TDs whenever they prove to be worthwhile to test.

We could have release TD6 to the masses before Christmas, but it would have been rushed, and there would have been bugs. We also feel 0.75 was a very stable release, and we are starting to use the term testing day very lightly, and the word beta even less so.

These changes we are making though will be very worthwhile for everyone concerned. With these changes we are improving memory usage, stability, performance and usability all in one fell swoop.

[ Comment by pixol am: 02 Jan : 04:53 ]

If I was to ask for anything this year, it would be more support. Developing a shell is a lot of work for mainly two developers.

[ Comment by pixol am: 02 Jan : 04:57 ]

Keep up the good work

I got your back

[ Comment by Codenomics am: 02 Jan : 19:16 ]

Me code and gsal can hold the fort pretty well. I assure you we appreciate all you are doing. Code and I especially are up for anything you ask.

[ Comment by yay am: 04 Jan : 01:31 ]

Pixol: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you well...did you say "more support"? or "moral support"? 'cause I am all for moral support

The thing is I did not know what Delphi was until I run into this project last November!...And while I am sure this is a lot of work for two developers, I am not about to become the 3rd person in the world who knows Delphi ...just kidding, I read there are more than that...besides, who am I to be making fun of Delphi?...I am mostly a Fortran programmer!.

But it does not have to be a lot of work; take your time, nobody is putting deadlines on you guys. As mentioned above, we do appreciate all your work.

[ Comment by gsal am: 06 Jan : 03:39 ]

Heh well your not far off about the number of Delphi developers in the world today, the numbers have definitely decreased that's for sure. If anyone has checked the svn recently they will find that brum did a lot of config checkins recently, this has made my life a whole lot easier as there are less configs to convert now.

I look forward to when I can start programming on other parts of the shell again

[ Comment by pixol am: 06 Jan : 04:19 ]

@gsal, exactly... I've taken over an open source project in PHP and understand exactly what's going on with Pixol and Billi... every request for help brings in 2 or maybe 3 people who start off keen to 'give back' to the community, only to see their efforts shrink drastically, or they don't get involved at all.

So seriously, guys, take your time, work on it in your own schedule. We already know it's going to be brilliant, and what we've got right now is working for the time being, so don't worry about it...

[ Comment by starkraving am: 07 Jan : 09:33 ]

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