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Today is Testing Day 6!
22 Feb 09 - 04:03
Today on 22 February 2009 we are having testing day 6!
Our Developers will be providing live feedback and help in IRC for the next 12 hours. We need your opinion about the shell and all crazy ideas you have how to make it better!
Join us in #SharpE on and help to improve SharpE!

Everything you need to know how to get started:
(Make sure to read the the information pages below before getting started!)
Testing Day 6 Main Page
Download and Setup
Frequently Asked Questions and Known Problems


Well, I must say, I find TD6 a lot more responsive than TD5, it's nice!. Also, it seems that quite a few out-of-the-box bugs have been fixed as well as many other that have been reported. Great jobs, guys!.


[ Comment by gsal am: 22 Feb : 14:53 ]

Wish people didnt get sick. Sorry i missed it people. Friend was dying in hospital. All good now OOh rah. nice release guys.

[ Comment by yay am: 22 Feb : 16:38 ]

Clean! Seems to be a good deal faster than the last release... is that just me or is it really faster?
Overall... Two thumbs up...

[ Comment by Codenomics am: 23 Feb : 10:52 ]

Damn missed the TD... girls are distracting ;-D
I'll give it a try A.s.a.p.!

[ Comment by woodland am: 24 Feb : 03:42 ]

Fudge, I missed it too... I was away from my computer all day. Thanks for the release though!

[ Comment by SpeedShift am: 26 Feb : 12:45 ]

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