SharpEnviro, an open source shell replacement for Windows : News Fri, 13 Feb 2009 13:15:35 -0800 Testing Day 6 - Coming Soon to a deskop nearby! Nearly everything is done and so it's time to announce the next SharpE Testing Day! Due to all the changes which have been done it is necessary t Billi Berserker<> /news.php?item.149.2 We asked and they came So then after the news about the next release being delayed a few months I thought I would share some good news with you. Firstly let me introduce pixol<> /news.php?item.148.2 Another Year has Passed Another year has passed without version 0.8 of SharpE getting released. As usual we where unable to follow our imaginary time plan for the past year. Billi Berserker<> /news.php?item.147.2 Lost configuration a thing of the past? Have been working on something very cool tonight and as we get closer to a date of TD6 I am going to share more of our development process with you pixol<> /news.php?item.146.2 TD6 in December Unfortunately it does not look like we will get 0.8 out for Christmas, never say never, but it's unlikely. We still plan to have another TD out s pixol<> /news.php?item.145.2 The latest release ... [size]We would like to present the newest member of the SharpE team, and the latest release in our long line of fine products. I present ... [/siz glacialfury<> /news.php?item.144.2 A Never Ending Story Oops! We did it again,As usual we find ourselvs unable to stick to any imaginary road map or time plan. But this time we have a pretty neat reason! Billi Berserker<> /news.php?item.143.2 TD5 Release & Status Report After way too much waiting it's time for another release. Due to lots of changes I made the decission to not continue with R5 of TD4. This new re Billi Berserker<> /news.php?item.142.2 It's summer and were slacking! Yes it's true... mostly due to tradition. Summer is a period when we are known to slack. With one month since the last commit were all uber busy pixol<> /news.php?item.141.2