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03 Feb 05 - 01:43
The next release will feature two new technologies, yet another major SharpDesk update (lots of eyecandy and improved performance/cpu usage), rewrites/updates to some critical services, and more added/fixed from SF. We have no official release date, but we believe it will be ready in a little over two months.

What are these technologies? SharpDocs and Online Update, coded by our two new members lom and blueapples These new components will require extensive testing, as they are both coded from scratch.

SharpDocs is an xml documentation system, and Online Update is promising to be a very exciting addition to SharpE. We hope to have previews of these components for CVS6. For the first time since SharpE began, we are actually going to have our own documentation format(and not just any documentation, a system that integrates into the shell using SharpApi).

We also need Icon sets, if anyone is willing to design and develop some official 2k+xp icon sets for PB5, please let us know.

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SharpE is back!
23 Jan 05 - 08:45
The SharpE community is getting strong again!
39 days ago we launched the new website.
And now we can celebrate 100 registered members.
In such a short time our still growing community wrote 213 chatbox and 187 forum posts.
The website counter also logged 6664 unique page views.
That's still far away from what we had back in the good old PB4 days,
but keep in mind that the website was down for about one year.

2005 will be the year of SharpE =D

CVS5 Bugfix Patch #3
19 Jan 05 - 15:59
A new patch has been released that fixes some issues found in some of the main components.
This patch contains all previous CVS5 patches.

  2. [SharpCore]
  3. * Fixed bug where sometimes computer would not shut down
  4. * [1098764] Fixed bug where saving of service status was not possible
  6. [SharpTask]
  7. * Fixed Win2K Error
  9. [Shutdown.service]
  10. * Fixed bug where shutdown was not possible
  12. [Weather.service]
  13. * [1101465] Implemented a lot more debugging, if you have problems using the service. Load Sharpconsole and please sumbit the logs relating to Weather service as a bug on Sourceforge.

Release Notes : project/shownotes.php? release_id=293776

Download :
http:// prdownloads.sourceforge.n et/sharpe/ download

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CVS5 Bugfix Patch #2.1
06 Jan 05 - 12:52
Because of a bug with SharpDeskApi.dll in CVS5 Bugfix Patch #2 we have now released another Fix.

Users who already have updated to Patch #2 have to Update to Patch #2.1 :/

Release Notes : project/shownotes.php? release_id=295008

Download :
http:// prdownloads.sourceforge.n et/sharpe/ download

CVS5 Bugfix Patch #2
06 Jan 05 - 09:57
Another bug fix release for cvs5 has been released on

Release Notes : project/shownotes.php? release_id=294957

Download :
]http:// prdownloads.sourceforge.n et/sharpe/ download BUGs fixed :
[1078890] If scheme is changed it doesnt change the default color
[1094499] Transparent png no longer work well
[1094501] Wallpaper doesnt change on theme change.
(Thanks to Version3_0 for reporting these bugs)

Changelog :
CVS5 Bugfix Patch #2

+ fixed drag and drop item loading which sometimes caused errors

* fixed not loading SharpMenu bug
* fixed AV when clicking empty menu selection listbox
* fixed color which where set to scheme colors not updating when chaning scheme for icon shadow, text shadow and object blend color [1078890]

* fixed Wallpaper not changing when selecting Theme via menu [1094501]

* fixed not working png image transparency [1094499]

+ added more debug output


* slightly adjusted caption position

Bug Reports
03 Jan 05 - 06:55
SharpE is not perfect, it's not bug free and there are still many problems with it.
Some of the problems are caused by the huge amount of different system configurations and some of them are just bugs.
For fixing as much problems as possible we need as much bug reports as possible.
We can't fix anything if we don't know about the problems.

The best way for telling us about a bug is by submiting a bug report at the Source Forge project page. tracker/?atid=499819& group_id=62227& func=browse
The most important fact about this Source Forge bug tracker is that we can't simply forget to fix the bugs which are posted there.
It's also a great way to keep track of fixed stuff.

So please everyone using SharpE :
if you find a bug then submit it at the Source Forge project page
And please try to give us as much informations as possible (OS? SharpConsole output? ...)

CVS5 Released!
01 Jan 05 - 14:57

Finally after nearly a day of pain we have managed to get SharpE out before the end of New Years day (if you live in EU).

There has been lots of changes/additions. There may be bugs, but we have tried our hardest to clean out the bugs for this release. Please notify us of these, if you find them by using our bug submission on our Sourcforge project site.

Please read the important notice before you extract the file.

Changes - http:// content.php?content.4
Download - http:// prdownloads.sourceforge.n et/sharpe/ ?download
Release notes - project/shownotes.php? release_id=293747

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Weather, and why qWeather is broken
31 Dec 04 - 06:07

For a while now qWeather has displayed garbage in the plugin on SharpBar. This plugin downloads a url and then parses it, looking for familiar tags etc. This could be sometimes slow, and would require changing when the site changed.

Things have improved somewhat for hopefully CVS5. qWeather no longer parses a website, neither does it download anything any longer. It simply checks the files downloaded using the new Weather service. This new service downloads xml weather data, and any application can access the data in the new Global settings path.

What does this mean? a new weather object? an update to qweather? All this and more qWeather might make CVS5, we will have to see.

Happy New Year!

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CVS5 Release date set: 01/01/2005
29 Dec 04 - 18:01
It looks like we are nearly ready to release the next CVS distro to you. The date is ofcourse New Years Day, and there will be so much improved in this release.

*New Tray update!
*Desk core mostly rewritten, incredible multimon support
*New core and much improved/new services
*Lots of bug fixes
*So much more!

There is also other exciting news. As you may as well know SharpE is getting a lot more indepth now, but still we have no docs. This is due to change in the next coming months. Blueapples is hard at work on our new docs system, and from the progress on CVS it is looking awesome. SharpDocs is an xml based help system that integrates into the SharpApi. We will be using this to write the various sdks and indepth documentation for all aspects of SharpE.

Nice to see the new image support included blueapples

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PB5 and multi monitor support
26 Dec 04 - 15:03
With the upcoming cvs5 release of PB5 much will change regarding dual/multi monitor support of SharpE.
First important change is that the SharpBar registry tweak for enabling the multi monitor fix has been added to the options menu. With this setting added - now all the bar components can be fixed on the primary monitor without hacking around in windows registry
Another important new feature are the improved wallpaper settings. It's now possible to have different wallpapers and wallpaper effects for each monitor. So you can setup all of your monitors one by one with completely different wallpaper settings. And all this can be done using the power of SharpE themes and the cvs5 theme manager
Besides this most of the bugs regarding SharpMenu and SharpDesk popup locations are now fixed.

here is the current changelog for improved multi monitor support
+ added support for per monitor wallpaper settings (Dual Mon)
* fixed object menu popup location (Dual Mon)
* fixed multi select shape behaviour (Dual Mon)
* fixed drag&drop; locations (Dual Mon)

+ added controls for per monitor wallpaper settings (Dual Mon)

+ added menu item for multi monitor fix! (Dual Mon)

* fixed Menu popup location (Dual Mon)
* fixed SubMenu popup location (Dual Mon)

I bet now all the dual monitor users can't await the cvs5 release

and btw. Merry Chritmas =D

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