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Quicknotes now on Sourceforge
20 Dec 04 - 15:17
QuickNotes is now available for download in the SourceForge files section. A skinnable Note tool.

Download from: project/showfiles.php? group_id=62227

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They came out of the nowhere!
19 Dec 04 - 14:26
Sometimes really unexpected things happen.
Yesterday our lost coding lord and SharpTray developer Malx returned from beeing away for a long time. And today another lost soul popped up in our IRC channel. Yes, Blueapples the lost SharpDoc coder is back too =)
So if everything goes well we will some nice new stuff from them soon =D

17 Dec 04 - 12:18

A little update of what we are up to. The main change in the next update will be the removalal for the need of an Admin account, and the ability to have multiple users using SharpE with different configurations.

Sharpdes k has also had a lot re-developed, and a lot of new features have been added while BB was coding it. Some users ask why the delay since PB4, this has been mainly due to Desk and Core being rewritten to use plugins. The only difference this time however, is due to the nature of SharpE going opensource, we can now provide you with developer snapshots that was not possible PB1-PB4 days.

The CVS builds have steadily been improving over each release, and yet there is still more to come.

How i missed posting news! Please *heart* our new temporary site.

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CVS Bugs Closed
16 Dec 04 - 01:53

Thanks to everyone that submitted bugs for scmd, it has meant that scmd is now over 400% faster (maybe more!). Changes will be in the next CVS5 release, or you will be able to download the source later tonight from the public cvs.

CVS Bugs Closed
1071549 SCMD Plugin : slowness + freezing - FIXED
1071548 SCMD Plugin : directory completion bug - FIXED
1071581 SCMD Plugin: Ctrl+Right Arrow crashing - FIXED

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New Service!
15 Dec 04 - 12:32

The Tips service will be release with the next CVS release, I am hoping this will not just be another Tip system that people disable. The tips will actually be very helpfull, and comes with a Tip editor.

This means you will be able to create your own Tip Groups, and contribute to it. I will be making the Tip creator public tomorrow, so you can all get busy creating those tips

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New temporary website online
15 Dec 04 - 10:34

Because it might still take some time until the new website will be finished we have decided to put up this temporary website on our webspace.

This website contains articles, FAQs, new forums and a chatterbox for improved communication for the community. Rest assured we will be using this for all future previews/news on what we are developing. We hope everyone is happy now that we have a normal SharpE website back online.

We don't know at the moment how long it will take until the final website will go online. Until this will happen this website will be our new main site.

In progress
The theme and some parts of the site aren't fully finished yet but the main parts of the site should already work. So feel free to report everything which is not working to an admin.

mark your calendars around Christmas for the next CVS5 release.

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