SharpE Testing Day, 22 February, 2009

What is it?

As part of a greater effort to increase community feedback into the SharpE project, we are holding a testing day. During this event, a special beta release will be available that participants can download and use. SharpE developers will be onhand in the IRC channel to field any questions and concerns and to help new users with any problems.

When is it?

SharpE Testing Day takes place on 22 February, 2009, from noon to midnight GMT (UTC if you swing that way).

Where is it?

We will be holding the testing event in our IRC channel. For those of you with an IRC client already, it is located at:

Channel: #sharpe

If you are not familiar with IRC, you can easily access our channel by going to /irc. You can enter anything you like for the username; this is how you will appear to others in the chat room. The server and channel are already filled in.

If you wish to download an IRC client, some commonly used ones are mIRC, HydraIRC, or ChatZilla, although if you have never used IRC before, then we recommend the weblink above.

Who will be moderating the Test Day?

The moderator's nicks for this test day will be:

  • BilliBerserker
  • silentpyjamas
  • Pixol
  • mc

What do I have to do?

Just download and install the TD6 release and begin testing! Instructions for downloading and setting it up are found here.

Before asking any questions, first check this page to see if we have already answered a similar question from someone else. If you don't find what you need, contact one of us in the IRC channel. We will have an @ symbol next to our names.

Anything else I should know?

Absolutely. To help make this day as productive as possible, please review this list of known problems. Some things aren't working yet - this is a beta release, after all. Please review this list before asking if such-and-such a feature exists, or why something keeps happening a certain way.

If you think you have identified an issue or bug with SharpE that is not mentioned on either the Asked and Answered page or on the Known Issues page, then contact a developer and let us know about it. We'll try to help you out to fix the problem, and if it cannot be fixed, we'll create a report so it can be fixed in future versions.