* added support for vista sound and volume control to volume.module and multimediainput.service
* added dragging of task items (free repositioning if sorting is disabled)
* fixed that dragging something to a task item a second time was not possible until dragging to another window first
* fixed that the last minimized window was restored when opening a new window after minimizing the last window by clicking on the task item
* fixed access violation when having the right click menu of a task opened which is being closed
* fixed random 'list index out of bounds' error
* fixed PuTTY config window not showing in taskbar
* fixed minimal and compact state being swapped in config
* fixed sorting not working (and being swapped in config)
* improved refreshing of the taskbar
* small stability changes to possibly fix some very rare access violations
* improved usage of CreateProcess (now uses proper params and sets an applications working directory properly)
* fixed searches in included paths (windows, sharpe directories) being limited to the first path only (path name was case sensitive)
* fixed a bug in extension extraction routine to be limited to extensions with a length of 3 chars
* added fail save checks to prevent ShellExecute to be run with invalid params
* fixed bug in wallpaper tiling code
* fixed access violation after using a dynamic or wrapped menu while icons are disabled
* fixed that adding a blackslash to the path after a menu {#...#} constant wouldn't display any icons
* added optional possbility to use generic icons. (all links of the same type will share the same SharpE icon)
* fixed ShellExecute call crashing SharpCore when -debug param is used
[Media Controler]
* fixed "previous" and "next" buttons being swapped for VLC
* fixed tab key not working 
* changed to close window when Esc is pressed
* added some fail save settings to possibly prevent access violations on systems which are running low on memory and swap space
* improved performance
* fixed "is not a valid integer value" error when no weather icon was returned from weather.com
* fixed a redrawing issue for some skins in two label mode 
* new configs: Button.Module, Menu.Module
* CPU Monitor - fixed config sometimes getting disabled on Vista even when "disabled" flag isn't set in registry
* doubled max size of caption buffer to make overflows in GetWindowTextW less likely
* fixed task switch not working for VWMs/Monitors/Setups with only one window
* fixed not working for non admin accounts in Vista
[Default Setup]
* fixed "Configuration -> Services" link not working in SharpMenu