* fixed SharpE not working properly when used from within directories with more than 128 characters
* fixed login screen staying visible for too long (Vista)
* Changed automated button sizing to be the same in all modules and to use the WidthMod property of each skin (Skin can now control the width of a button)
* Complete rewrite of SharpThemeApi dll introducing a new interface for getting and changing theme informations
* new module: application bar
* new service: DDEServer
* new configs: too many to count :)
[Skin System]
* fixed gradients not blending properly
* fixed that negative scheme colors could break the whole skin system (Range Check Error)
* fixed skin components getting repainted (flashing) on UpdateSkin even if invisible (caused flashing mini throbbers)
* fixed label caption updating check not being case sensitive
* added support for lighten/darken colors (for example: $Background+/-32)
* added Icon blending and lighten/darken support
* added possibility to adjust sub menu locations in the skin (now possible to make menus overlap)
[SharpCenter + Configs]
* rewrite of the plugin system and all configs
* reworked and improved all configs
* added themeing support
* improved loading and saving of xml files (fail save to fix rare issues with corrupted files)
* fixed several default settings of configs not matching the settings of a module
* fixed flickering
* rewrite of the plugin system and all modules
* fixed modules not updating size on skin font change
* fixed preview of dragged module not showing (Vista)
* fixed bottom module area offsets not working for bottom aligned bars with vertical mirrored skin
* fixed custom main throbber position offset not working for bottom aligned bars with vertical mirrored skin
* fixed a modules per skin color settings not working with skin names which include spaces
* Updated to delete associated backup ".xml_bak" file for the module being deleted from a bar.
* fixed hidden directories flagged as symbolic link or reparse point showing in dynamic menus (for example vista start menu)
* fixed rendering error of the background after removing a menu item when using a glass effect skin
* fixed sub menu closing behavior (sub menus would close too fast when just hovering over another menu item ...)
* fixed a bug with loading SharpE Icons
* fixed menu item captions rendering out of the item borders for very large captions (added cutting large captions similar to the taskbar)
* fixed top/y positions of menus launched from the bar (modules, ...)
* fixed access violation when a single menu (without a parent menu) is dynamically changing it's width (for example due to a wide menu item getting removed by the user)
* slightly improved icon loading speed
* changed Generic Icon Loading to use silk icons (more and better icons available - loaded dynamically from directory, so can be exchanged)
* changed dynamic menu items to be compared by target instead of caption (makes several items with the same caption but different extensions or locations possible)
* made it possible to use the generic icons in any other menu item by using generic.file,... tags
* added new menu option "ShowExtensions"
* added the new generic icons to the icon selection dialog in the menu config
* added menu option settings to the list and item configs
* added creating and updating of one core Skin Manager class
* added possibility for services to have an alternative StartEx function exported (which takes an interface for the Skin Manager as param)
* changed service extension to dll
* fixed Core not handling SharpE settings update messages and related ThemeAPI updating
* improved and fixed handling of resolution changes
* Added support for ColumnsUi Foobar
* fixed volume controls not working and freezing SharpCore (Vista)
* added an option to not reset the VWM (move all windows to desktop 1) on screen resolution changes
* Updated to not switch VWM if the one clicked is the active one. Ticket #491
* fixed a bug when executing console applications like cmd.exe
* changed internal task list to be really just a list (no other informations such as captions, icons, etc. are gathered anymore) - stability fix
* fixed access violations when adding/removing additional monitors to the system
* fixed some invisible dialog windows of certain laptop tool applications showing in the taskbar at startup (which are not supposed to show)
* added possibility to select tasks with the mouse (move and click)
* fixed some issues with switching tasks without gui and if only one task is in the list
* complete startup sequence improved
* fixed problems with 64bit versions of windows
* improvements to toolbar design and scroll bar behaviour (#504)
* Numerous changes most notably RTF, keyboard shortcuts, store files per module instead of global directory, tab filtering, tab tagging, change tab icon.
* added possibility to change the text display on the bar
* added possibility to define a different right click action for the button
* Removed ability to configure Button module width as it is now auto-sized
* fixed custom right click menus of applications being reset to system default after first usage
* fixed sorting tasks being broken in combination with task filter
* fixed access violation when trying to render a task item without caption
* added support for the application bar module
* added new menu item to the right click menu of a task (pin to application bar)
* changed filter settings to be user and not global
* Added ability to specify the tooltip format for the clock module.
* Added more default date time formats to popup menu and text fields can be manually edited more easily.