SharpE Testing Day, Setup Instructions


Testing Day 6 (22nd February 16:00 GMT) - Windows 2000, XP, x64, and Vista users, please report bugs!
Download2: TD6.7z (16 MB)
(see if you can't extract .7z files)


Unzip the TD6 package to a new and empty folder! (do not overwrite any already existing SharpE release)
If you have any SharpE components from a previous build (cvs6 or 0.7 public/closed beta) running then close those Components. Make also sure to close the non visible Components like SharpMenu, SharpShellServices and SharpCore (you can do this by using the process list in Windows Task Manager).


Included in TD6 is an application called SetShell.exe which is used to set SharpE as your primary shell. This file can be found within your TD6 directory. Simply launch it and read the instructions given on screen.


Reboot your machine and come back into the channel.
You are now ready to test SharpE!